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Appointment times

Monday:8am - 8pm
Tuesday:8am - 8pm
Wednesday:8am - 8pm
Thursday:8am - 8pm
Friday:8am - 4pm

Weekend appointments, and weekday appointments outside these times can be arranged if urgently required.


Initial consultation (1 hour)£40*
Follow up consultations (40 minutes)£30*

We are happy to accept payment by cash or cheque * Consultations held at a destination more than 15 miles from Maidenhead, Berkshire may attract an additional charge

Areas served

I am based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Destinations within a 15 mile radius of Maidenhead are covered. (Please see the map.) Destinations beyond 15 miles are considered, but with an additional charge for travel costs.

What to expect

At the initial hour-long consultation a full case history will be taken. Information will be sought on your past medical history and any current symptoms. This facilitates the osteopath in making a working diagnosis and in giving the best possible care and advice. You may then be asked to dress down to your underwear. This is normal practice when receiving osteopathic treatment. A modesty gown can be provided, and the use of towels or blankets is routine for client comfort.

A full examination followed by treatment if appropriate will then take place. A clear area of 2.5m by 1.5m is required for the treatment table to be set up.

At the end of the session payment will be requested. If there is any need for a follow up consultation this can be arranged at this time or if more convenient, at a later date.

Follow up consultations use the same format but fewer questions are asked at the start of the session, leading to a 40-minute consultation rather than an hour.

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